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What is a Health & Wellness Coach?

According to the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching

"Health and Wellness Coaches partner with clients seeking self-directed, lasting changes, aligned with their values, which promote health and wellness and, thereby, enhance well-being. In the course of their work Health and Wellness Coaches display unconditional positive regard for their clients and a belief in their capacity for change, and honoring that each client is an expert on his or her life, while ensuring that all interactions are respectful and non-judgmental."

What does a Health Coaching Session entail?

A one-on-one health coaching session is where you and your coach work on an individualized plan to meet health goals. Your coach will provide support, accountability, insight, and inspiration. The session is conducted in person, via telephone or video chat. (60-minute session)  

Health Coaching Programs

Transformation Journey

A. Neal

In February 2020, I met Keisha in a Facebook group and a friendship soon began. During our conversations, I discovered that she was a Health and Wellness Coach. Keisha would talk about the tools and plans that she used for clients and for her own health. At first, I just listened but was not incorporating any of the information that she was sharing. I could tell that health and wellness was her passion, because her free time and hobbies were spent watching health documentaries, researching information, and trying new healthy recipes. I’m not sure how many articles I read or videos in the first few weeks of us meeting, but overtime I began to slowly make changes in my food choices. I found out some foods that I assumed were healthy were significantly contributing to me maintaining an unhealthy weight. I started to immediately or gradually remove them from my diet. During this time my water intake increased, and I started cooking more and eating out less. Later that month I began to walk three miles at a local park. I had been 234lbs on a 5ft frame consistently for as long as I could remember. Walking three miles on a former hilly golf course was not an easy task, but Keisha encouraged me to do my best and to remain consistent.

By March, I became a Wellness Reset client. COVID hit hard in my area, and it was the motivation I needed to get in better shape and focus on my health, but I knew the only way I was going to remain consistent was with health coaching. If I’m going to be honest, my weight loss was becoming visible and my vanity started to kick in around this time as well. I began working out with Keisha at least three times per week via video, and increased to four and later five miles of walking at least five times per week during this month. Meal prepping became easier, and I started speaking to friends and family about eating healthier and walking.

When April came I was going strong on working out, eating healthier, losing weight, and working on my mental and emotional health. In the past, trainers would exclusively focus on my physical health. I wanted a more holistic approach so that I could be healthy in all aspects of my life. I ended up doing a first round purge of clothing. This helped keep my momentum going, because I was beginning to feel that I was not making progress. Trying on clothing and seeing how pants and dresses that were once tight now fit me nicely or were too big gave me the drive to continue. The measurements that I took monthly was another nice reality check as well. Like most people getting on the scale felt scary and defeating, but twice a month when I stepped on I was excited to see the numbers decrease.

If you are considering Wellness Reset, I strongly recommend that you go ahead and make the move. I could not have gotten this far without the guidance and encouragement of my Health and Wellness Coach, Keisha. She has the right program balance of nutrition, fitness, and overall health.

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