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6-Month Program

  • 180Days


Discover a profound transformation in your health and well-being with Wellness Reset's comprehensive 6-Month Health Coaching Program. This extended program is an immersive and supportive journey toward lasting positive change. Our program provides you with weekly one-on-one coaching sessions, ensuring that your goals are continuously refined and progress is celebrated. Sessions are your personalized path to a healthier, happier you. Stay motivated and engaged with weekly check-ins via email or text. Whether you have questions or need an extra boost of encouragement, your dedicated coach is there for you every step of the way. Nutrition takes center stage in this program. You'll benefit from a thorough meal plan review and a healthy kitchen reset, creating an environment that supports your well-being. Our workbook and mindset journal will provide you with valuable insights and tools to empower your journey. Wellness Reset goes beyond the basics, offering tailored health education that encompasses nutrition, fitness, stress management, and lifestyle choices. As a special bonus, enjoy unlimited yoga classes for the duration of the program to promote your physical and mental well-being. Our classes are designed to complement your health coaching journey. This is your opportunity for profound and sustained transformation. Commit to your well-being and experience a healthier, more fulfilling life. Your journey to wellness begins now.

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